Welcome to Brussels Accountants and BelgiumBelgium is centrally located, has a great transportation system and many diversified industries has become a home for many international companies and their employees. Brussels is the capital city of the European Union and many expats from all over the world live here. Below are frequently asked questions in reference to moving to Belgium, starting  a business and accounting record information. If you have any other general enquiries or questions, feel free to contact us.


  1. What do I need to pay attention to before coming to Belgium and starting a new self-employed business?

  2. What should I bring along to the first meeting at BRUSSELS ACCOUNTANTS’ office?

  3. When and how do I transfer my accounting records to BRUSSELS ACCOUNTANTS? How do I keep the accounts updated and tax formalities timely?

  4. What are the important things to consider when keeping good accounting records?  

  5. How do I tax register for a self-standing business and affiliate it for mandatory social security contributions?

  6. Can I issue sales invoices before my company number is published?

  7. Are my investments (assets) that I purchased before starting my Belgian business tax deductible? 

  8. How hard is it to register a foreign car in Belgium ?